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Sandor Duis at >sandor.duis@wxs.nl<

Also see the Dutch Underwater Hockey Association's Onderwater Hockey page, a service of the Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond info@onderwatersport.org

Amsterdam - Does this club still exist? Email us with an update!
  • Club: O.V. Amsterdam
  • Friday, 21h30-22h30 and Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 07h00-08h00 in the Sloterparkbad in Sloten (NW Amsterdam)
  • Club: Argonauta
  • UWH is played at the new pool, "De Wisselaar" (Terheijdenseweg 494). Training times are Mondays, 21h00-22h00, Wednesdays at 21h00-23h00 and Saturdays at 17h00-19h00.
  • Contact: Ad van Loon at owh@argonauta.nl
  • See also: argonauta.nl
  • Club: G.O.V.
  • Wednesday, 21h00-22h30 and Saturday, 16h00-17h00 (youth) 17h00-18h00 (seniors) in Bussum Zuid. the pool telephone number is +31 (35) 693-3554
  • Contact: Paul van den Brakel pvandenbrakel@gmail.com or +31 (0) 6 144 54 196
  • See also: gov-bussum.nl
  • Club: Aqua Delfia
  • Thursdays 21h00-22h00 (swim training) and 22h00-23h00 (underwater hockey) at Zwenbad Kerkpolder,
    Kerkpolderweg 1, Delft
  • Contact: Club email at bestuur@aquadelfia.nl - Telephone: +31(0)6-42130200
  • See also: aquadelfia.nl
Den Haag - Does this club still exist? Email us with an update!
  • Note: See Rijswijk
  • Club: OnderwaterSportClub Dordrecht (OSCD)
  • Wednesdays and Fridays from 20h30 till 21h30 at the Zwembad Aquapulca-wedstrijdbad,
    Karel Lotsyweg 29, 3318 AL Dordrecht, 078-6177383
  • Contact: Club email at owh@oscd.nl or Edwin Brouwers at edwin.brouwers@gmail.com - Telephone: +31(0)78 616 88 97 or +31(0)6-3419 3834
  • See also: oscd.nl
  • Club: G.B.D. Calamari
  • Monday 20:45-22:15 (snorkeling) and Thursday 18:15-19:15 (hockey) at Willem Alexander Sportcentrum,
    Zernikeplein 17, 9747 AS Groningen
    ; see schedule on web site, below, for updated times
  • Contact: Bram Noordzij at info@gbdcalamari.nl or +31 6 44139343
  • See also: gbdcalamari.nl
  • Club: Astacus
  • Games are available on Thursdays, 19h00-20h00 in Stein and on Saturdays, 17h30-18h30 at De Dousberg pool,
    in Maastricht
    ; see schedule on web site, below, for updated times (click "Agenda" for the schedule)
  • Contact: Cor van Kruchten at CorvanKruchten@myself.com
  • See also: astacus.nl
  • Club: Barramoenda
  • Tuesday, 21h00 - 22h30 at Sportcentrum de Schilp,
    Schaapweg 4, 2285 SP Rijswijk
    ; pool tel 070 3364700. Te bereiken met bus 23
  • Contact: For general information email info@barramoenda.nl or Martin Lussing at m.lussing@hccnet.nl
  • See also: Barramoenda.nl
Den Haag (The Hague) - Does this club still exist? Email us with an update!
  • Club: Baracuda
  • Fridays 20h00-20h45 at Zwembad Overbosch,
    Vlaskamp 3, 2592 AA Den Haag ('s=gravenhage)
  • Contact: Rène Savenije info@baracuda.info
  • See also: baracuda.info
  • Club: V.Z.V. Njord
  • Friday 19:30-20:15 (youth) and 22:00-23:15 (adult) at the Zwembad den Ekkerman,
    Wal 152, 5501 Veldhoven, Veldhoven (Noord-Brabant)‎ - 040 2535250‎
    , which is near Eindhoven
  • Contact: For general information email owh@vzvnjord.nl
  • See also: vzvnjord.nl

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