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Rochdale Octopush Club

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  • http://www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=28
  • Contact: website@rochdaleuwh.co.uk; For Juniors, contact Barrie Whitehead at bw@rochdaleuwh.co.uk and for Adults contact Mick Hyde at mh@rochdaleuwh.co.uk
  • Please see website for additional details.
  • Practice: Juniors 7:30P-9P Thursdays and Adults 9P-10P Mondays at the Oulder Hill Leisure Centre, Hudsons Walk, Rochdale, OL11 5EF (Tel: 01706 716680)

Oulder Hill Leisure Centre 🗑

Rochdale Octopush Club practices here.

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