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Please help us help people find your hockey club. There are three ways to provide information, pick whichever is best for you. You can:

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All the source code for this website is available for free at https://github.com/TomGoBravo/tourist-with-flask. Please clone, play, ask questions, check out the issues, improve and send pull requests.


Thanks for visiting the Underwater Hockey Tourist website. Did you know that this site has been up and running since '96? Lisa de Speville in South Africa founded it and in 2002 the Houston Underwater Hockey Trust started maintaining it at pucku.org. In 2006 Tom started contributing technical help, moving the data to an XML file, adding a map and effort to cull stale data. Chris has continued applying updates sent by email and in 2019 Tom changed the server to a more modern open source Python-Flask system.

Here's the old UWH Skills section: