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ASES Hockeysub

? ️as of 16 years ago

  • http://www.aseshockeysub.com.ar
  • Contact: Pablo Trocini at pablotrocini@hotmail.com
  • Practice: Wednesdays and Fridays From 10 PM to 12 PM at Club Imperio Juniors.


? ️as of 16 years ago

  • http://mfdragones.ar.tripod.com
  • Contact: Carlos at ccasavalle@hotmail.com or tel: 54 11 4925 0226 or cell: 54-11-5-111-999-1
  • Practice: Fridays 21h00-22h30 at Franklin 710 (FIRST Club), Sundays 10h00-12h00 at 1310 Oruro Street (Martin Fierro Club), and Mondays and Thursdays 21h00-22:30 (Triglav Club)

Martin Fierro Club

M.F.Dragones practices here.

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