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Palm Beach Underwater Hockey Club

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  • http://www.pbuwh.com
  • http://www.championshipoftheuniverse.com/
  • Contact: Ben Martin at benmartin@evergladeslabs.com or (561) 602-0074; Carolyn Gadigian at cgadigian@earthlink.net, or (561) 313-2334.
  • Founded in 1979, Palm Beach Underwater Hockey hosts the annual (and currently 5-vs-5) "Championship of the Universe" in mid-March in Key West, Florida.
  • Practice: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30P-7:30 at the Lake Lytal Pool, 3645 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach (Pool phone (561) 233-1426).

Lake Lytal Pool

Palm Beach Underwater Hockey Club practices here.

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